The view from a window is an important element in every house that greatly influences our daily moods and unlike the color of our walls or choice of furniture, it cannot be changed. Whatever you can see from your window, will always be there.


Anotherview transforms your home into a nomadic place, where windows lead to unexpected landscapes or cities to suit however you feel like.The team of Anotherview is constantly collecting new and exclusive views around the world. In a way each view tells a unique story about our time, people, society and the world.


As a contrast to our fast moving and fragmented reality, Anotherview confronts the viewer to take a deep breath and enjoy the slow passing of time with its thousands of little tales of life that happen during 24 hours and to discover a new sense of perception of time and space from the perspective of your home.


Imagine spending a day looking at the New York skyline from a private residence not accessible to the public, admiring the clouds gently rolling down Table Mountain in Cape Town, watching the wild animals of Namibia congregating around the watering hole or getting lost in the majestic grandness of the Canal Grande in Venice. Or you can order a completely tailor-made view of any place you feel like.


Anotherview can conveniently be controlled using an App we provide for iOS and Android devices. Simply install it on your phone, enter in the unique window code once and from thereon change the time of day, synchronise your time.

Anotherview is represented by:

Galleria Rossana Orlandi, Milan

Art JED Gallery, St. Moritz

Gallery All, Beijing/Los Angeles



24th January - 3rd May, Chapter Three curated by Maarten Spruyt in het Hem, Zaandam, Netherlands

3 - 8 December 2019, Design Miami/Miami, Gallery All

9 - 17 November, Maravee Object, Esplosi e Ricreati, curated by Sabrina Zannier, Castello di Susans, Majano, Italy

7 - 10 November 2019, West Bund Art Fair Shanghai, Gallery All

12 October - 4 November 2019, Design Link Daimaru ShinsaiBaishi, Osaka Japan

27 October - 24 November 2019, La Penultima Cena and other stories installation, Coro della Maddalena, Alba, Piemonte, Italy

13 October, La Penultima Cena / The Langhe Supper, Barbaresco, Piemonte Italy

28th August - 29th of September 2019, Le Monde de RO, BHV Marais, Paris

June 11-16, 2019 Design Miami/Basel, represented by Gallery All

May 30th - June 2nd, Jing Art 2019 Beijing, Gallery All (stand b12)

9-14 April 2018 Milan design week 2019, Gallery Rossana Orlandi

15 - 18 February 2019 Art Palm Springs, Gallery All

23 - 27 January 2019 LA Art Show Modern + Contemporary, Miami, Gallery All (booth 45/54)

5-9 December 2018 Design Miami, Miami, Gallery All (booth 32)

2-7 October 2018 PAD London, Gallery Rossana Orlandi


17-22 April 2018 Milan design week 2018, Gallery Rossana Orlandi

14-17 March 2018 Design Shanghai 2018, represented by Gallery All

2-8 October 2017 PAD London represented by gallery Rosanna Orlandi

September 2017, Sé Savoir show at Sé Collections during London Design Festival

presented Anotherview No.6 "Les Chevaux du Pont de Gau"

April 2017 Milan Design Week, Galleria Rossana Orlandi

presented Anotherview No. 5 "Carnival from Palazzetto Pisani" window and

"A view from cell 41" door

June 2016 Art Basel, Design Miami

Curio exhibit, A warehouse full of views presentation, various new windows


April 2015 Milan Design Week, Galleria Rossana Orlandi

presented "The Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa"