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Jumping of a cliff in Polignano a Mare
Limited edition of 10 + 3 AP +3 Prototypes

Place: Polignano a Mare, Puglia, Italy
Date: 26th of September 2021
Materials window: white enamel iron, glass, electronic components
Video length: 24 hours / 1440 min.
Window 65”: L 153.5 cm x W 15 cm x H 96 cm; weight: 120 kg
Window 75”: L 174 cm x W 15 cm x H 108.5 cm; weight: 175 kg
Window 86”: L 200.5 cm x W 18 cm x H 124.5 cm; weight: 205 kg

App Interaction: adjustable time via iOS/Android app, window can be opened
Available at: Rossana Orlandi gallery, Milan

Different sizes and combinations of architectural wall structure are available on request.
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