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A view from the old Bauer in August

Place: Bauer hotel, Venice, Italy
Date: 26th of August 2022
Materials window: black enamel iron, glass, electronic components
Video length: 24 hours / 1440 min.
Window 65”: L 35.43” x W 5.91” x H 62.01”; weight: 220.46 lbs
Window 75”: L 40.16” x W 5.91” x H 70.67”; weight 341.72 lbs
Window 86”: L 46.46” x W 7.09” x H 81.10”; weight 407.86 lbs

App Interaction: adjustable time via iOS/Android app, window can be opened
Available at: Gallery All

Different sizes and combinations of architectural wall structure are available on request.
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