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A Warehouse full of days presented at DesignMiami / Basel 2016

As part of the Curio selection Anotherview was invited to present at DesignMiami / Basel 2016. The exhibition titled "A warehouse full of days" showed a series of 3 limited edition windows are currently being presented that have 24 hour views of different places. Each of them keeping true to the unique character of the window from which they were filmed from.

Ranging from the industrial feel of a New York City window, a nomadic touch of Cape town to a more nautical look of a place in Boulders bay. The windows either run for 24 hours or can be adjusted to any time of day via an app included with the window.


Besides these there are also a new series of study pieces on show, realised exclusively for this edition of Design Miami. These 4 unique windows feature captivating and unexpected views of Milan, Eindhoven, Casteggio and Santa Giulietta (north of Italy).

Future Anotherview windows are also being created on commission, such as the upcoming one featuring “the floating piers” by artist Christo that wil be captured on June 28th.

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