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Esplosi E Ricreati, Castello di Susans

Anotherview presented several windows at the majestic caste of Susans di Majano for a special exhibition named "Exploded and Recreated". One of the works presented was the luxury edition of "Les Chevaux du Pont de Gau", a unique 3 window installation of a day in Camargue, France.

Also for the first time in the public, a private commission of "The floating piers" by Christo and Jeanne-Claude was on show.

"Exploded - metaphorically or really - and recreated, with other materials and different thoughts, functionalized or put back into operation, are the objects of a curious "theater of art", elevated to protagonists in sculptures, paintings, videos, photographs, installations of Anotherview , Julia Artico, Michele Bazzana, Gaetano Bodanza, Nina Koželj, Lorena Matic, Simone Miani, Eloisa Missinato, PiattoUnico, Antonio Riello, Silvano Rubino, Paola Tassetti.

After the "Verde Respiro" summer exhibition at Palazzo Elti in Gemona del Friuli and the "Blanc Object" theater show at Colloredo Castle in Monte Albano, with "Exploded and recreated" the Festival continues its immersive and pervasive visionary journey, which in the dialogue between idea and senses stages the intriguing and conscious relationship between object and human body.

A journey that along the three floors of the castle, between halls, lounges and corridors, up to the manor kitchen and to the apartments articulated on the two towers, develops in a complex and at the same time engaging way the red thread of the three sections that characterize the entire Festival : Motion / Sound / Daily gestures.

There are several projects by artists and designers that are promptly conceived on the festival concept and on the architectural identity of the castle; which in turn generated the performances that will animate the exhibition halls, reaffirming the singular format of Maravee, devoted to the choral collaboration between artists belonging to different creative languages."

This event took place from the 8 - 17 of November 2019 in Majano, Italy.

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