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Replacing Anotherview on your window

DOWNLOAD HERE (includes guide with photos)

Overview of what we are doing:

Changing the default app to Launcher, removing Anotherviewer, installing Anotherview1300 and changing the default app back to Anotherview.


Android UI basics:

Left clicking mouse button anywhere brings up the system UI on your left.

The most important buttons are Square and Circle.

Square engages the app switcher.

Circle take you to the default Home app.

Right clicking anywhere takes your current menu one level back, or works as a back button.


Steps to Install the custom Anotherview player app

Copy the downloaded app to a USB stick formatted in FAT32 or NTFS.


Removing the Anotherview Home app

  • Start up your window as normal.

  • Click once and click on the square button on the left to take you into app switching mode.

  • Choose the app 'Settings' by using the mouse scroll wheel and clicking on the app

  • Navigate to Home (you may be in another submenu, right click to take you to the main level)

  • Select Launcher instead of Anotherview and return one level with a right mouse click

  • Click the Circle from the Android UI to take you to the APPS icons screen, and click the circle with dots on your left to see all the apps.

  • Press and hold down the Anotherview app, and drag it to the uninstall. A dialog will appear and please click Ok to remove it.

Installing the custom Anotherview app

  • Open File Manager from the APPS icon screen (if you are not already on this page, you can get to this screen by clicking circle and then clicking circle with the dots)

  • Insert the USB key containing the file into the odroid usb.

  • On your top right of File Manager, click the three lines icon and select your usb stick from the list. (most likely this will be Udisk1)

  • Click on Anotherview1300.apk to install it (you might get a play protect warning but please ignore it by click install anyway), click done after (left side)

  • Then click the Circle on your left (and the circle with dots after) to take you to the APPS icons screen and click Anotherview to start it for the first time. At this point no video will play. But it is important to do so as it will initialize the app, get the correct filename etc.

  • Click the Square again and go to the Settings app.

  • Go to the Home menu, and click on Anotherview to enable it as the Home default app. (it should be marked with a filled circle at the top of it). Right click to take you back one level.

  • Remove the USB drive you inserted earlier.

  • Reboot using the Android UI power button or by power cycling the odroid.

  • The system will reboot now and set the time to 1300 hours automatically.

  • Confirm that the system automatically starts up Anotherview, if not you may need to set the Home app again to anotherview then click circle and restart.

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